Why extend?

Extending your home or property can be for more reasons than simply for the creation of space, and even if space is the answer you should not jump into an extension with two feet before getting down to the nitty-gritty details that will fulfill your needs now and in the future.

An extension as an investment, aside from creating a functional space, extending your home or property will significantly increase the value of your home if one day you choose to sell. This is why planning and design are essential features that can’t be completed by any average joe or jane.

Expanding is, in fact, a cheaper than selling and buying. Especially with the property market of today, unless you have spare money expanding your home is a more economical way of increasing space rather than selling your home and buying a bigger (usually more expensive) property. But again, it needs to be meticulously planned for feasibility, practicality and within a conservative budget.

At QB Homes understand we that a new extension or addition to your home should offer you with something new and fresh however it must still blend in and complement the existing house. Here’s what we do.

What we do

We do all extensions, from smaller garage conversions for your teenager or a complete additional storey extension. Whether you want to add another storey for your grandkids, create an enclosed outdoor entertainment area or even build a garage to house your most prized possession, we are the right people for you.

We have worked on home extensions for many years on properties throughout the Ararat region giving us great insight on what a feasible, practical and aesthetic extension involves, includes and the prospective costing and budget planning.

We utilise our knowledge, and an understanding of your needs wants, lifestyle, to ensure we design and building solution that is customised and ideally suited for you, your home, family, pets, and employees.

Types of extensions we do:

  •    Single Storey: If you are looking at extending the front, rear of your home or creating an adjacent garage or area.
  •    Double or multiple stories: The next best thing from buying a new home, a complete or partial level on top of your current home or garage with the ability to easily double your current space.
  •    Garage conversion or extensions: A popular economic choice to add room without the need to add structural components.
  •    Loft conversions: Allowing you to transform the unused attic or loft into an extra space instead of a continuing as a storage pile.
  •    Granny flats: Create a detached dwelling or space for your in-laws, for your growing children or to create a private escape for hobbies and relaxation.

Apart from looking good at QB Homes we stress the importance of energy efficiency, recommending products and designs which emphasise thermal, light and water efficiency which will benefit your pocket ($) and the environment.

What to expect

Someone who will listen, who will sit down and design an extension for you that embodies your wants, needs and vision whilst being functional and practical. We will support from start to finish keeping you updated and answering any and all of your questions and queries.

Our team at QB homes is headed by owner operator Josh Cunningham who will ensure that all our staff maintain a high level of service and quality craftsmanship using both traditional and newer methods of carpentry.

Armed with years of experience extending all types of homes big and small in the Ararat area, we have gained a grand understanding of individual designs and tastes while helping to offer a solution that suits your lifestyle, budget and the character of your home. All QB employees are qualified, trained and are certified with all building and safety requirements. Ensuring your home or property is in truly qualified and safe hands.

We value and support the local area that is why where possible we source materials from local manufacturers and employ local staff as we try are best to give back to our community.

At QB Homes no extension is too big or small, to detailed or simple. We service the Ararat, Stawell, Maroona and Rossbridge areas.


Want to know more?

Get in touch with QB Homes to discuss your visions, wants and needs of your home or property extension today on 0427 583 745.